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This resort wanted to rebrand themselves for a young and energetic audiences. I chose this warm color palette to invoke a sense of adventure and this is a place to experience life. Also used is a graphic of an individual diving into the water with a silhouette of mountains in the background as Punta Cana is located in the Dominican Republic and is bordering on the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.




Vitality Office Design is dedicated to bringing the nature of the outdoors into the office space. Both the leaf and the green color used mirror that concept. A simple yet sophisticated sans-serif typeface was also used to remind clients this is a professional business.


Toy Zone


The Toy Zone is an establishment that caters to developing the young minds of children through puzzles and games dedicated to learning. This understand is where the puzzle piece for the logo developed. To make it more entertaining, I used these geometric shapes to create the text for the logo which makes it more playful as well as the bright color palette used.